Al Davis chooses YOU!

4 04 2008

Al Davis

Who will Lane Kiffin Al Davis draft in the first round on April 26th? Lets take a look at who he has drafted in past first rounds.


Nnamdi Asomugha – One of the best cover corners in the league, even if he took a couple years to blossom. An outstanding pick by Davis. Now if we can lock him up with a long-term deal.

Tyler Brayton – Played marginally well but alas, he left for Carolina this past offseason.


Robert Gallery – Hmmm. A huge bust at left tackle, but our offensive line was in complete disarray the past couple of years. Under Tom Cable, he has blossomed as a starting left guard. He has a future there.


Fabian Washington – Another highly-touted corner who has failed to perform to expectations. Now with the acquisition of Deangelo Hall, he needs to be shipped out pronto. Hopefully for a third or fourth rounder. Maybe we can package him in a Dallas trade down deal? They do need a corner and he’s solid.


Michael Huff – Huff performed well in his rookie season as a starter, but he has failed to record an interception. There seems to be a trend in picking defensive backs. But that all ends with one of the youngest secondaries in the league. Gibril Wilson will move to SS, freeing up Huff to move to FS. Hall and Asomugha will lock down each of their receivers. Who will Jay Cutler through at on opening day? Asomugha or Hall, such a tough decision.


Jamarcus Russell – We await this gunslinger’s fate. With Javon Walker, Drew Carter and Ronald Curry as wideouts, it shouldn’t be too hard. And possibly Chris Henry, anyone?


Chris Long – Hopefully.

Davis’ tendencies on draft day tend to be to select flashy players with sub 4.4 40 times. He also doesn’t necessarily select players whom fit a need for the Raiders (e.g. Fabian Washington). For this reason he might select Darren McFadden, which would be detrimental to further developing the team in 2008. With the current glut of running backs in Oakland, we need to cut, rather than draft them. He could also draft Vernon Gholston since he had an awesome combine, which would be fine since it feels a need. Other than that, its fingers crossed when the Raiders come to draft.




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