First Round Trade Possibilities

9 04 2008

While the Raiders possess the fourth overall pick, trading down in the first round would help address more needs with additional picks. I will evaluate several trade possibilities using the trade value chart.

Is D-Mac running off to Dallas or the New York Jets?

Dallas Cowboys

I’m sure by now everyone has heard of Jerry Jones’ obsession with Darren McFadden and that the Cowboys have two first round picks. Would they be open to trading up for Darren McFadden? Jones has stated that he will not be moving up in the first round but you never know what may happen on draft day. A few teams that pick behind the Raiders would be open to drafting McFadden should the Raiders pass, namely the Jets or the Patriots. If the Raiders did trade their pick to the Cowboys, compensation would include both of Dallas’ first rounders, the 22nd and 28th picks, and their second rounder, 61st overall. This would be a smart move for Oakland since it would enable us to draft both a defensive tackle and an offensive tackle in the first round. The second rounder could be used on the best available wide receiver. The Cowboys could draft McFadden and trade Marion Barber III away for some draft picks.

New York Jets

The Jets might look to trade up to snatch Darren McFadden as well. They could use an impact running back to compete in the division with the Patriots. McFadden might not get past the Chiefs if the Raiders pass on him. The Jets definitely have the short end of the stick this draft, since many of the impact defensive and offensive players may not be around when the Jets select at number six. The Jets may trade up to the Raiders selection in exchange for their 6th pick overall, their two fourth rounders and a fifth rounder. With the 6th overall, the Raiders could still get a defensive tackle like Glenn Dorsey or Sedrick Ellis, depending on who falls. The fourth rounders could be used on a wide receiver and an offensive tackle.

I’m going to Cincinnati?

Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals might want to move up even higher in the first round to select a franchise defensive tackle in either Glenn Dorsey or Sedrick Ellis. At least one of them is going to be available when the Raiders select, if not both. However, they might not fall to the Bengals at number 9. The Chiefs could also be after a defensive tackle, and they would likely take which ever one falls past the top 4 picks. After failing to secure a trade for Shaun Rogers in the off season, the Bengals still have a need for a top-tier defensive tackle. Both Dorsey and Ellis will appeal to them and they may be willing to acquire the Raiders 4th pick in exchange for their 9th pick and their second rounder, 46th overall. This trade would put the Raiders in an interesting position, enabling us to draft the best outside linebacker in the draft in Keith Rivers. We could use the second rounder to draft an offensive tackle.

Will Matt Ryan follow the path of Rex Grossman?

Chicago Bears

This trade would be the least likely of the three but it is still possible. The Bears might want to acquire quarterback Matt Ryan to secure their future as Rex Grossman is too inconsistent. Matt Ryan might not be available once the New York Jets draft, as they also have quarterback needs. A move up in the draft would have Chicago trade their 14th pick, their second rounder, 44th overall and a menagerie of 5th, 6th or 7th round picks. The Raiders could use the 14th pick to draft an offensive tackle like Ryan Clady or Jeff Otah. And the second rounder could be used to draft a wide receiver.




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