Glenn Dorsey or Sedrick Ellis?

14 04 2008

Will Terdell Sands be enough next year?

The Raiders still need to improve their dismal defensive line, preferably with a game-changing defensive tackle. With the fourth pick, the Raiders could possibly either select Sedrick Ellis or Glenn Dorsey. If both are available which do the Raiders select?

Dominating, but will his knees hold up?

Dorsey had a dominant senior year, even though he had to deal with injuries. He helped lead LSU to the national championship game, eventually winning it. He did not work out at the combine, but did perform admirably at his pro day. While at the combine, doctors thoroughly examined his knees and concluded that there were some underlying injuries that might affect his play in the future. With this new found information, Dorsey slipped down some draft boards. However, after a great pro day workout, he is back among the elite prospects and looks to be selected in the top five. Compared against Ellis, he has an inch in height and weighs slightly less. Dorsey is great at getting penetration past the offensive line, and getting to the running back and quarterback. He is an excellent run stopper and will look to succeed in a 4-3 system as a possible two technique. If the Raiders were to take him, they could possibly move Tommy Kelly to defensive end and pair Dorsey with Terdell Sands at tackle.

Silver and Black Sedrick?

Sedrick Ellis also had a great senior year, when he took PAC-10 offenses by storm. He finished as the consensus top PAC-10 defensive lineman and was arguably the best defensive tackle in the nation. He followed up a Rose Bowl victory by competing in the Senior Bowl. In Mobile, he completely manhandled the best offensive lineman in the nation in practice and recorded a safety in the actual game. He is great at getting leverage right from the snap, and has enough strength to bowl over offensive guards. He was among the leaders in bench presses and was among the most athletic defensive tackles. Interesting sidenote, USC reportedly had to buy 200 pound dumbbells for him to use in the weight room. With the Raiders, he would likely see double teams, which would free up our linebackers to make plays. He would also likely replace Warren Sapp’s presence on the defensive line as a two technique, although he can also play nose tackle in a 3-4 system.

Bottom line, either tackle will immensely increase the Raiders defensive front. I would go with Sedrick Ellis over Glenn Dorsey because he does not have as much injury risk. However, if Ellis is gone by the time the Raiders select, I would not hesitate to pull the trigger on Dorsey. Both will have excellent careers in the NFL, but which one will be with the Raiders?




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