Fourth Round Pick

16 04 2008

The Raiders will pick 104th overall in the 4th round. Surprisingly, this is only the second pick the Raiders will have in the draft after their first rounder. The Raiders will need to get value with this pick at either the offensive line or the defensive line. If a defensive end or tackle is selected in the first round, then this pick will need to be an offensive lineman. If an offensive tackle is selected in the first round, then this pick will need to be a defensive tackle.

Defensive Tackle

Ahtyba Rubin

A standout defensive tackle out of Iowa St. impressed at the combine. He benched 225 lbs 35 times and is projected to be a nose tackle in a 3-4 defensive system. The Raiders would be able to utilize him as a space eating defensive tackle that could tie up at least two offensive lineman, much like Ted Washington did during his stay. Rubin would be an awesome value pick in the fourth round.

Marcus Harrison

Another value defensive tackle out of Arkansas, Harrison ran a 5.00 40, which is very impressive. However, he did struggle with injury problems during his senior year and that could factor into where he will be drafted. He is capable of getting into the backfield and will look to help the Raiders with their run defense.

Offensive Tackle

Jeremy Zuttah

Zuttah would be a great pick here in the fourth round, since he has above average speed and athleticism for an offensive tackle. He would be great in the Raiders’ zone-blocking scheme and could possibly take over the left tackle spot in a few years. He ran a sub 5.00 40 which is amazing for a player of his size. Also, Zuttah is amongst the strongest offensive lineman at the combine with 35 bench presses

Oniel Cousins

Cousins has the ability to play in the zone-blocking scheme, and he has the versatility to play all the offensive line positions. He is not quite as strong as other top offensive lineman, but he makes up for it with his athleticism.




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