Chad Johnson in Silver and Black?

21 04 2008

Will Al Davis come and get him?

Disgruntled Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson has stated that he will not play for the team in 2008, but he might be interested in the Raiders. In 2007, the Raiders did not have a primary receiving threat and one of our best receivers, Jerry Porter, left for a big contract in Jacksonville. However, in the 2008 off season the Raiders signed Javon Walker to a HUGE contract even though he has had numerous knee problems throughout his career. Also, Drew Carter was signed, and looks to continue his solid performance from Carolina. Adding Chad Johnson would definitely help our wide receiver corp.

Trading for Chad Johnson would only bring about past memories of the Randy Moss trade. The Raiders paid a steep price for his two years of service, and sent him to New England for next to nothing. Moss was limited by injuries, but he was also very lethargic on the offense once he realized he could not help the Raiders win. As we saw last year, all Moss needed was the proper motivation in order to keep him playing on a high level. There were questions about Randy Moss’ ego when he came to Oakland, but he was fairly low key during his stay. Chad Johnson has an enormous ego, but it would be embraced in Oakland much like in the Randy Moss situation. Having Chad Johnson on the Raiders gives Jamarcus Russell an enormously talented receiver. In fact, we would be a very dangerous team on the offense. Chad would take a double team whenever he is on the field and that would leave guys like Walker and Curry open to make plays. Even our tight end Zach Miller would be a bigger threat on the offense. This would be combined with our punishing group of running backs keeping the defense honest. The Raiders offense in 2008 would be very dangerous.

Probably the most important question of this whole situation is how the trade would be accomplished. In most cases, a trade for Chad Johnson would probably have to include a low first rounder or several second and third rounders. But in the Raiders case, a trade for Chad might involve the swapping of first round picks with the Bengals. The scenario could play out like this. In the 2008 NFL Draft, the Dolphins select Jake Long, the Rams select Chris Long, the Falcons select Matt Ryan and with the fourth pick, the Raiders have Glenn Dorsey at their feet. Cincinnati has long needed a defensive tackle to help with their run defense (sound familiar), they came close but a trade for Shaun Rogers fell through. They see that Glenn Dorsey is still on the board and the Raiders are looking to trade down with a team who might want McFadden or Vernon Gholston. A trade for the Raiders’ fourth pick and Fabian Washington is completed with a swap of Cincinnati’s ninth pick overall and Chad Johnson. Cincinnati could get their defensive tackle of the future and the Raiders could still get theirs (Sedrick Ellis).

One problem with a Chad Johnson trade would be his huge contract, but I’m sure the Bengals would have to take care of the bulk of salary. But in the future, his contract would provide quite a sizable salary cap hit for the Raiders. A small prize to pay for his talent.




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